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hi, new member, just introducing myself:

i don't have a game cube. i don't have an x-box, ps2, ps1, sega, gameboy advance, nintendo ds, or any videogaming machine. But I love videogames, even if I'm not that good, and i love SSBM!
just out of curiosity, does anyone here like Double Helix, and or Super Flash Bros.? They're flash artists; big fans of SSBM as well. please check out teh communtiy tribute: declineandmore!
and check out their masterpieces on newgrounds.com!

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This community is to serve all smashers. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or discussion topics here. Please, keep the nature of the game in mind - it's not to make others feel bad, it's just to own them. Without remorse. :D